Shorewood, what about it?

Senior Group Homes

Shorewood has a redevelopment program for remodeling duplexes already  underway.

I'm therefore proposing that two or three of these buildings, closely located if possible, to be remodeled as “group homes” for seniors.

Here small groups of seniors can be provided individual and group facilities and even place for a live-in aid.

These group homes can then be purchased by individuals who would form the group, in the same manner and with similar legal agreements that buyers of condos become involved in these type purchases.

Here is a place where the Village government can take the lead and where present personnel and procecesses can immediately engage in providing for senior needs in our community.

We can combine this particular element of the redevelopment program with the need that seniors have for group homes.

Let's run with the ball, what about it? Don't seniors deserve a response to this proposal?

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