Children of God.

Americans are “disinformed” about homelessness in this country.

It has recently been revealed that more than 400 teen-agers are separated from family and without a place to sleep or able to appropriately shelter themselves in the Milwaukee area.

What is this country all about? Sweden keeps track of its homeless people in order to determine the cause of their situation and for the propose of providing long-term remedies for these individuals as well as for immediate accommodation. 

In Anerica we don't often know who they are or how many, let alone determine the cause for their homelessness for remedy purposes.

The idea of rugged individualism does not come from any of the religions that I know about. Most religious groups in the U.S. want to intervene and to give care to these unfortunate individuals, especially the children. 

If we can't, as a nation, as a culture look after our children and their development, what are we all about? Most Americans are uninformed about serious social problems in our country.

But "disimformation" about social matters is ingrained in our culture of  “individualism”.  We need a balance to this idea of rugged individualism,  especially when it comes to making sure that children in this country, if not abroad are all to be viewed as the children of God and so treated.

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