Political culture

Within the last few years, we've gained two new Shorewood Village Board members, both by appointment.

All of our board members are individually and socially intelligent. Once they jump into the pot of Village politics they seem to acquire a coating, like M and M's in a variety of colors but difficult to differentiate. The Board's activities and their manner of  voting, is referred to as "consensus."

In Shorewood, it is more than mere majority, consensus is more often than not, unanimous This means that even the chocolate coating is the same color.

Individual board members choose to serve and of course do so individually. Once on the board, these individuals seem to loose the individuality which brought them there. They seem to become more combined than individual in their intelligence.

It seems there is something about the nature and consistency of chocolate and if all were put in the sun in a bunch, they'd all melt altogether. Re-election makes incumbents even more like what they already were as they were already in the pot.

The man-on-street's question or the philosophical one that might be asked applies to our legislature and our congress as well. What causes this strange phenomenon? The scientific answer is, “jumping into the pot of likeness” in the first place.   

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