Appointment vs. election by emotion.

Is appointment to office superior to election?

Now we have a new appointed Trustee at Shorewood Village Hall who won out over eleven others.

Each applicant usually submits a resume and gives other information that is reviewed by all the other trustees. The selection system seems a superior evaluation technique to the actual election process. For often the voters do not have that much information about the candidates and they usually vote by emotion, name association or position on the ballot or have no other choice.

As I mentioned in a previous posting, appointment seems to be a way of providing for superior types on the Board. According to this reasoning then the two appointed members here in Shorewood are superior to the other five, especially to those who ran without opposition, except for one who originally gained her seat by appointment first of all.  It seems that appointment is a better test than running without opposition.

What a state of affairs, trustees selecting other trustees superior to themselves. I think I suggested a systematic type of resignation that would bring more members to the Board by appointment rather  than by election. We could even have all seven members serving by appointment rather than gaining seats by election. What an elite system.

Perhaps we should select the president of the United States by establishing an elite group to evaluate candidates and then appointing a president. Wouldn't it be superior to the present system of party nomination, then selecting the one least likely to make too many wrong decisions, but more often than not, election by emotion.

We didn't seem to do too well at several of our last presidential elections, nominations made first of all by the two parties and then actually taking office through our election system, which in some cases left some doubt as to whom was really elected. Appointment seems a more positive option and we should celebrate it here in Shorewood and work toward its more extensive utilization.

This all proves that being too logical doesn't always make sense. Democracy can really function without elections. We don't always know to what degree democratic elections really are democratic or how good they are. Appointments are not as biased as party selections and appointments may beat election by emotion.

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