Real community.

If one is fairly healthy, years after “retirement age,” aging can then be comfortable and even entertaining, especially if one does not need to worry too much about her or his economy.

On the other hand, older adults who are not too well and whose economic situations are not too lusty, cannot get much pleasure from their end-of-life circumstances.

Children and grand children and other relatives, if living nearby and who are heedful, concerned and attentive can bring various levels of comfort to most circumstances. Living in familiar places or in long term accommodations, shared over long periods of time with loved ones can also contribute to levels of self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-satisfaction, bringing a great deal of pleasure to living.

Living on ones own can be appreciated by some, but loneness however, presents another factor contributing to unhappiness.

Shorewood is discovering some of the best elements of community through some younger members living here in the village,and who are taking the time to strengthen this elder component and working toward developing the benefits found in functioning intergenerational communities.

I see this as a splendid contribution being made by those who have become so dedicated and actively involved in bringing about this type of unique community. The benefits to both young and old are recognized and it is here in this recognition that we have formed this fundamental component of this new community.

Much is going to result from the energy that has emerged here and I'm grateful to be living here at this time observing and on the fringe of what is taking place.  Perhaps functioning as a small atom or cell of this larger organism that I can consider  what is fundamental in the American character.

I extend my thanks to everyone involved. Soon the whole community will be as grateful, as members begin to understand what has begun to take place here. We are only at the beginning of something outstanding.

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