Positive sewer-aging.

Sewer backups.

Recent watery weather combined with inadequate sewer systems has resulted in flooded basements in Shorewood.

These are long-standing problems that pose negative sanitary conditions.

Who represents these citizens of Shorewood and can speak of solutions? What are the proposed plans for handling these sewer situations in the future?

Along with an aging population, we also have an aging drainage and sewer situation, all requiring the attention of would-be local and state officials. Let's get some answers from them.

Affected citizens would like to hear from those presently in office and those running later this year, as to  the long term plans or approaches that are going to be taken relative to these and other aging elements of our community

In the most positive sense, let's hear about the present backup solutions for flooding basements and the long term plans for upgrading our sewers.

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