What, too critical or too negative?

Observing government in action.

I've been reviewing a number of essays that I have not posted. I think that the reason that I have not is they seem to be too negative in tone.

Any analysis or disagreement with policy can produce some opposition or a surprising perspective of the facts.

Therefore reports can prove over-critical or extremely negative but the results of much analyses, especially in the political realm lend themselves to both these inclinations.

I cannot say, that I move into this field innocently. Because I played my role in local politics for a long time within my profession as an urban designer. “It comes with the territory” as they say, except in England and other European countries, where the politics are left to the politicians and the design solutions to the professionals.

Today I find local politics in the United States to be a microcosm of all politics and close day-to-day observations keep one in touch with the efficacies of real politics.

It is quite definite that most things suggested by individual citizens or people outside the circle are usually not with the political power that energizes proposals perhaps as well as those supported by the leading political groups or members on the boards.

Therefore, even this discussion presents a critical and negative tone. So it is quite natural and seems unavoidable to develop negative attitudes toward government. Perhaps just as it is natural for those who attain power to often ignore those whom they are supposed to represent,

Can this last statement be classified as too critical or too negative?

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