Is there any place else?

Unwelcomed guests.

Nature constantly reminds us of how tenuous our situation is here on this planet as we stand on these floating masses of land that we call continents, sustained by plenty of hot molten stuff that is often displayed in the form a volcanic emission.

Yesterday, the atmosphere also engaged in proving that nature is not so happy with us, blowing down our buildings and inundating our streets, basements and sewer treatment plants, even right here in Shorewood.

Beyond our atmosphere is outer space, not a very friendly place either, especially when the toilets in those metal balloons back up. So what are we to do?

We have to make the best of it, for the earth was here, long before we were and shall perhaps be for many years longer than we survive as individuals and even survive as a human race. Meanwhile, we continue to "back up" a lot of stuff here on nature's surface.

We all know of our unsubstantial nature, but don't like to think of it.  Perhaps that's best.  Instead we often create and dwell in false memories, try to celebrate the present and deny that there shall ever be an end.   If there is to be, we'll invent other places and even develop new illusions.       

But nature, our host, very nervously likes to remind us from time to time that we are not all that welcomed here. And we certainly do not like to pay too much attention to her. But really is there any place else to go?

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