Ideas do become realities, Mr. Johnson.

Public art and public space

The same people that pay village taxes pay school board taxes.

There's plenty of unused space in our schools and the seniors of this community are in need of space for their activities.

Let's make space available for older adult meetings and for many of their activities. It seems that the idea is timely. Where to start? Ideas need public support and I suppose the the right type of marketing.

A couple of weeks ago, in one of my postings, “Sooner rather than later.” I suggested the design and development a solar energy tree, a rather improbable idea for lighting our streets and heating crosswalks in the winter.

The other day I came across Time's summer edition of Style and Design in my dentist's office and there was an actual “Solar tree,” designed and built in Europe, being installed in Austrian, German and Italian cities.  Designers and manufacturers are already involved,even before I suggested the concept.  The tree is on actual display in Florence, in front of the opera house.

Ten percent of Europe's electric power goes for lighting of its streets.

Ideas do become realities, Mr. Johnson.  Maybe you should see a concept of Mangiamele's solar energy tree.  Perhaps others should design their own backyard energy trees. 

"I think that architects will be designing highrise buildings influenced by the need to capture solar energy."

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