Improbablity of community.

Recently I re-read parts of a book written about 50 years ago by Hannah Ardent.

In it she spoke of the infinite improbability of a universe, the infinite improbability of a planet like ours forming within it, the infinite improbability of a human race developing and accommodating itself to the conditions on it and the infinite improbability of a civilization developing, now having an impact on this planet and nearby space.

This casual review of her ideas and terminology seemed to help give definition to my own inclinations. These inclinations of mine have led me toward the “improbables” of creating new human environmental settings within our cities.

I have for several years now, been trying to define the type of “improbable community” for Shorewood that would include its older citizens as significant elements of that community.

Yes, Mr. Johnson, just as I've experienced many “improbables” become realities as a city planner, and seen many other cities overcome “improbables,” not infinite improbables, but never-the-less improbables, it seems that today, I'm beginning to witness right here in Shorewood, one of the most improbables, the formation of a community impelled by the “improbable energies” of its elderly citizens combined with the energies of many community interested citizens of lessor age.

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