community and humanity

How significant is a community like Shorewood, in the broad spectrum of a global civilization?

Communities are among the smallest social atoms that make up the structures of nations and civilizations. Yet in today's world, we've been getting reports back from relatives and friends in Sweden and in Canada who are reading my blogs and giving their comments.

So no community is insignificant. Each unit is one of the building blocks of the broader civilization. We, in Shorewood are just as much a part the of the rest of the world as they are a part of us. Nothing need go unnoticed and no community or person is without significance to the broader physical and social structure.

Our human base, our humanity is of greater importance today that it has ever been. The interchange of ideas, goods and technologies has become part of humanity's main function. War and preparation for war, although still to be contended with is an outrageous ancient tribal appendage of humanity that must go.

Now we can begin developing and expressing our ideas at home and throughout the world and work for the greater good of all humanity, in the villages, in the cities, in the nations and in all international organizations.

 The cities to survive shall devolve  into numerous village-like units, evolutions of suburban organisms.   

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