On the edge of time.

Intergenerational community

Shorewood has a past and a future. This is connected by a small moving strip that we call the present.

The community's reality is within this narrow strip and in its movement. We may speak of plans and visions of the future, but reality and life remain within this limited strip, on the edge of time.

A former Trustee referred to road maps, plans and visions. His departure is now part of that past as is his interpretation of the future. It is those of us here riding this constricted strip of the present, who determine the future's conversion and Shorewood's reality.

A community's reality is first of all its people. All the elements of community are here within all of us that are active in this small area of the estimated 12 to 14 thousand souls. Some are children and some are the elders of the community. Most of the responsibility for our future rests with those in between.

It is those in between that must develop and maintain the link between and fold in the two edges toward the center and toward themselves, for community is made up of children, parents and grand parents and their surrogates. The community is intergenerational and requires the mix of those of different ages, not a separation.

Basic to everything we do here is to work against age separation and toward developing real and significant linkages between all defined classifications in the interest of a community totality. Our school system rests at the heart of this development. Fortunately we have a school superintendent who understands this and is willing to appropriately accommodate us if not lead us in this need.

We need to make this "small linkage of time" that connects past with future. to connect all the basic similarities that we share here in Shorewood, to create a greater community rather than to emphasize  differences that tend to lose the soul of community.

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