Hillary not an Iron Lady nor Gentle Lady, but a Tough Cookie.

Candidates in review

I was sure that Hillary had the Democratic candidacy coming and going when the primaries started. And I was sure that she'd beat any of the Republicans. But it's been a tough battle and she's pretty unlikely now to beat her primary opponent. I think, if she were the Democratic candidate that she could beat McCain, the Republican.

Senator Hillary Clinton stands, in public appearance somewhere between former Prime Ministers Margret Thatcher of Britain and Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, one being the Iron Lady and the other a Gentle Lady. Hillary, I think would come across as a Tough Cookie.

But I could visualize her sitting in the Oval office, more likely standing, as it seems that the energy within her personality makes her more comfortable standing and moving rather than sitting. She'd always be busy and during her first years she might be less the “defense attorney” and her winning the presidency would make her the more positive “prosecuting attorney.”

I'd hope that she'd take a closer look at Thatcher and Bhutto so that she'd give up having to prove herself and stop trying to measure up to the guys. Thatcher and Bhutto would make great models for her.

I also see her spending most of her time with House and Senate law makers trying to finesse them into passing the type of legislation that she wants. She can accomplish more by being who she is rather than trying to become one of the guys.

It would be fantastic to have a women as president. Bill could be given a definite assignment like ambassador to India so that Hillary could be her own person.

In any case, Hillary could do a lot to turn us away from the frontiersmen attitudes, greedy gold rusher tactics, gun totting supermen and the "financial manipulators" of today's society.

Our dreams seem to be those that we see on the TV ads, driving down an empty road at a 100 miles an hour, alone in the a car that might  cost more than the average home of some middle-income families. We seem to be losing our democratic humanity in developing an economy based merely on avarice.

Perhaps President Hillary could provide us with more lofty goals. She won't be a McCain, a cussing straight shooter but I think as president she will learn to shoot straight. First she'd have to defeat Obama which doesn't seem very likely at the moment.

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