The swooping hawk.

The garden and longevity.

As spring grows near, the birds seem to become more sparse at the bird feeder. Of course, I've always been shocked when such a beautiful bird as the hawk swoops down and takes one of the birds that was busily crowding the feeder.

Neither am I pleased with the woodpecker who insists on drilling holes into the cedar trim. But although I'm just as pleased with Shorewood as I am with the nature that surrounds me, I also have similar annoyances with specific species of programs of our village as well I do with certain aspects of nature.

The Sunrise Assisted Living facilities, for example annoys me more than the hawk swooping down taking one of my birds for his meal. The purpose of Sunrise's extended living service is to take old human birds and to take them away from their gardens, gardens in the philosophical sense or taking them away from the flying freedom of preceived independence.  . 

Life extension instead steals a certain amount of human dignity. These last years of extended life, separate from community or familar garden setting are just like putting elderly aside or the placing of them in a cage among others caged-in. Lives are being extended for no purpose, no other, except to prove longevity but not necessarily with humanity.

Just like subprime mortgages, these elderly people become impersonal objects assembled and bundled to create the basis for shares in corporations that can be placed on the stock market in New York for speculation and for profit.

I would rather nature take care of my final days than leave this to the stock market to do. God should have instead created a hawk to hunt  frail elders who did not need life extensions and swoop down on them at the appropriate time and quickly snap them off rather than to leave them in a non-life stage, caged in suspended care.

It seems more glorious to be swooped away than to be daily assisted to the bath room and aided in attending to your bodily functions. Extended care, perhaps means being seated in line for your turn at the funeral home, meanwhile being served institutional food. I prefer not to particularly see that building as our “signature” function at Shorewood's entrance.

Beyond this philosophical objection that I have to this factory-like storing of this expensive human product is an important village planning objection to this Sunrise venture, which seems more appropriately labeled Sunset.  Its size, appearance and its location on the river setting is inappropriate to everything that I believe this village stands for, sometimes referred to as village sentiment.

And more people will too late become aware of this mistake once this building is erected. This land should be used mainly for its river setting and secondarily to accommodate other uses not so predominately visible. However, how can we expect more than the unremarkable and the mumdane. Having said this, I shall now return to the comfort of my own individual setting my own philosophical garden.

I really don't need to worry about the rest of Shorewood, so why do I do it? I should instead enjoy remaining here in place within my own beautiful setting. I should forget all of the city planning attributes contained within me that are often stimulated in the interest of Shorewood itself.

I should instead be content to cultivate may own garden and here, not awaiting the swooping hawk but remain not unaware of his presence. And one way of doing this is to occasionally step out of my garden into the village and still try to contribute to its future.

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