Electronic government

The Japanese are working out all sorts of robotic aids, even for assisting with care for the elderly.

As we learn about all the on-line stuff Village Hall is considering, we now can come up with ideas for the Japanese to consider for us in this context.

I would suggest robotic Members of the Board, robotic trustees. All seven interconnected and programed to make instant consensus decisions at the click of the mouse, pretty much like seven computers working together.

We'd never have to have another election. Each robot would know what the people of Shorewood would want, regularly updated in each computer. Then seven independent approaches to a problem would be melded into one without hesitation, an electronic consensus, provided now, that someone initiates the click.

Now local government would become a utility, not a philosophical good or evil, a machine that could be adjusted. 'Seems as though I've read of these ideas somewhere before.

Well, not to mind, we'd never have to attend another boring meeting again. The problem is, who'd we put in charge of the mouse? Would we really need someone in charge? Maybe we could produce, dare I say it, an electronic “cat”.

The robot idea is fun. Maybe a robot for walking on snow-covered sidewalks. That would fulfill the promise of a “walkable community.” More later.

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