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We live in a world of whimsy, our feet planted on the glossy iced sidewalks of Shorewood and our heads turned toward a fantasy.

That fantasy is a sort of new candy that rolls around in our mouths that we call, “street scape”. Snowed-over and iced-over sidewalks are part of that “street scape.” There goes the fantasy. Oh! We were only talking about sunny days, like in Florida. That  kind of fantasy.

Last fall as I was leaning over some of the construction details in front of Schwartz's book store, a very pleasant person came next to me a looked at it as well. She was mature enough to know what was reality and what was illusion. She asked, “what is it?

I said, “this is part of the new street scape.”

She turned quickly, a movement that was part of her answer, as she walked toward the store and she said, “it's all going to look the same anyway.”

The separation of reality and illusion was quite clear in her mind. I'm sure that she knows that life insurance is really death insurance, that health insurance is sickness insurance and what is called “free” is included in the price.

And that the sunset is not Sunrise. And the list goes on.

And its only an illusion, if Village Hall sees the development on the river as SUNRISE when in reality it is an old people's home, meant to profit from the tragedy of old age at the SUNSET of life. Where does the sunrise come in?

If Village Hall wants to participate in those profits, yet still refrain from contributing to the benefit of the elderly already living in Shorewood, except for token support of the Senior Resouce Center,  then let it be known as to what Village Hall is doing, engaging in turning a profit on the condition of old people.

Honoring thy father and thy mother is nothing that Wall Street money changers in New York do really, nor do they want to do it way over here in Shorewood, unless it becomes a base for profit and it sure is that.

If a church, a non-profit agency wanted to do the same thing, would Village Hall have the same enthusiasm. If I asked to please wait until I get a church organization to do this, there would be panic. After all, it's all going to look the same way in end, so why not?  Let's separate, the reality from the fantasy.  Money is the reality, all else is illusion.   

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