I guess.


I saw my doctor recently, 'been feeling much under the weather,

In addition to prescribing the usual tests, he told me “I guess you've got a virus.”

I've got a cat too, but he didn't guess that. I didn't get anything for either affliction.


I don't know if this is good humor or not.  But I would describe humor as part illusion and part reality.

One could also describe life as part illusion and part reality. Reality and illusion serve as the continuum of one.

Some philosophers have said our reality originates in our own illusions of what is real. This thinking as most thinking, has limited application. Pain is a reality. Loss of limb is a reality. Death is a reality to those who remain to experience it. The events of war are realities, war realities are the results of our illusions.

Not all realities grow out of illusions. Some realities are separate and apart from ourselves and our illusions. And some realities help form our illusions.

Can we see the real humor in trying to determine who we are, what we are, if in reality all is illusion?

Can an ant ever know who she is and what he is? What is the illusion in which he/she lives. What is the illusion in which we live?

It appears then all intelligence, like all of nature operates in the interest of illusion. Intelligence is an accident of the reality of nature, designed to deal only with reality, that is with other things of nature. But in its drive to understand, in understanding nature itself, intelligence has extended itself into the realm of illusion. Intelligence seems to need illusion on which to maintain itself.

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