Is government evil?

Some of us have heard it said that “government is a necessary evil”. And this does not mean much to most people, except that it is a cleaver expression..

I know that most dictatorships are evil. They tend to be forceful in whatever direction that their exalted leaders want to take the people.

Leaders of the people are rare. In fact, the term “the people” is often used when their government is functioning in the exact opposite of what might be considered to be in people's own good. Obviously these type governments are evil.

Perhaps the statement of “evil” refers to some of the hidden or insidious aspect of government. Even ancient emperors did not carry out the details of their wishes. These were left to their underlings, the bureaucratic class. It is at this level where the people generally experience the arrogance of government first hand.

I've personally experienced bureaucratic arrogance not only in the U.S. but as many others may also have had, in the most democratic countries of Europe. As long as bureaucrats are under the control of elected leaders their most dangerous innate characteristics can be brought under check.

One of the worst of governmental evils, I've found, is in situations where there is a lack of leadership among the elected and where the aspiring bureaucracies tends to take over. The take over is by the fact that they are operating the machine. The machine operation seems an easy way to readily takeover the process and is rather insidious, not often nor easily observable until the evil has already be done.

If the reference of evil is directed toward the insidious nature of government, then of course, I would agree. I would then warn that each of us keep on the alert, especially at the local level where the incidents at first seem too insignificant or too opaque in their inclusiveness to be observed.

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