Govenment and transparency

I'd think the public should be given a complete report on the “Sunset”project from its initiation to the present.

The public should know in who's interest “Sunset” was initiated and why so much of our tax money in terms of time spent was expended to carry this project so far forward before it was brought to the public as general information.

The people of Whitefish Bay already know of a proposal for development on Silver Spring at its initiation. (See Kevin Buckley, Whitefish BayNOW posting; also see mine, "A not so-silent Village Hall"). We, on the other hand, learned of this proposal long after it became a project, obviously with a number of commitments made, so that they probably can not be reversed easily.

I've heard politicians say the legislation and works of government are pretty much like making sausage and not a process that one would really relish viewing. I'd like to know who was the head sausage maker here and who ordered the sausage.

Steve Koczela's collection and arrangement of e-mails was a great effort, and he seems to have discovered the archaeological site which is only the beginning of this archaeological exploration.

The Village Hall's chief sausage maker should have his recipe with the ingredients that go in it and its preparation some place. I would like to know who ordered this sausage in the first place. Frankly I think it has come to us long after its freshness has past and it is beginning to smell.

Village Hall should present us with a rather organized history of how the “Sunset” site got started. Who made the first contacts and what took place at the meetings referred to, before we take any more steps toward its approval. This must have originated in some one's head.

And it would seem to me that there would be some large organized file somewhere with copies of minutes taken at these meetings. And if not, why not?

I couldn't begin to draw a picture of the animal presented here based on the e-mails given us.  I certainly want to thank Steve Koczela for the great effort in getting this information altogether. It all proves that a lot went on long before the general public was let in on this operation.

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