Schools and elderly

Senior citizens want to be independent therefore are unlikely to admit that they might have needs, even as simple as having someone to talk to.

I'm going to start with that simplest of needs. Our society tends to treat seniors as separate types both individually and collectively. Their mobility is therefore restricted, not only physically but socially as well.

When groups are discriminated against in society, they tend to come together. Yet Seniors aren't doing too well in finding facilities readily available for gathering and meeting. Their independence prevents them from even asking.

Simply, they need a meeting area where they can come and virtually call their own. Everyone is welcome, but the members of the “Grand Old Club” should always have a place to gather, have coffee and talk.

I was talking to a Club member who said that he hadn't talked with a woman for months and that he missed the occasional contact. I'm sure there are many elderly women in the same situation. Some don't talk to anyone for weeks and this contributes further to their basic “stay-at-home”loneliness and feeling of isolation.   

Therefore, I'm taking on a task to end loneliness among these Club members in Shorewood by at least seeking to provide a Coffee Club where they can come at anytime to meet with others.

Village Hall has not been able to provide a facility, let's say unwilling to provide this accommodation, although the Senior Resource Center and Elizabeth Price do very well under the present restrictions of Village Hall. So obviously we can't find an appropriate place in the Library. I've been trying to do this for years.

There is plenty of space in our school buildings. So the next step is to try to find the appropriate space there and make arrangements for the appropriate conditions for the CLUB as a nice gathering place.

This is going to require organization so, we of course need to organize as soon as possible to get this done. Organization means a certain cohesiveness that gives energy to its efforts as well as provide some clout.

Our clout is already in our voting power. So that needs to be organized toward certain and specific objectives.

I would start out by asking the School Board to consider a place for us and request that they work with us in establishing our CLUB.

However, if we don't see any willingness on their part then we would have no real or basic reason for supporting their resolution for funding facility improvements.  There would be no direct gain for seniors from the additional taxes .

If our facility should be funded among those proposed by the School Board, then of course, most Club members would find it  in their interest and have additional and good reason for supporting the resolution.

This is a start. Let's see how it goes.                           

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