Policy formation.

Should we forgo the opportunity of improving the character of our community and turn our backs on the better qualities of our riverfront and its the long-term natural attributes because of previous decisions?

Our community is made up of a number of residents who are mainly interested in the education of their children and are unable to participate in community much more than in achieving those family goals. Therefore, because of this disinterest in government, as I've indicated before, some elections result in incumbents re-seating themselves because of minimum or no opposition.

This general disinterest in the government in our community diminishes the nature of our local democracy. It also diminishes the significance of unelected office holders who receive no votes. Without accountability there is no democracy.

The authority that comes with holding office tends to desiccate sensitivity toward representation of would-be constituents and naturally resulting in a degree of arrogance.

The frailty of this condition is then re-enforced by a congealing process or jelling together, often referred to as “consensus.” The consensus label then serves to identify and become the base of truth.

It is interesting to see consensus developing, as a few members begin to agree, the others to solidify their acceptance are gradually drawn into the political stream of consensus.

Once the group agrees and begins to move in carrying out a task, they naturally develop a certain stubbornness toward the accomplishment of that task, right or wrong. This is the nature of society and of government. To reverse seems wrong and at least politically embarrassing.

Most citizen opposition to any action taken or about to be taken is of course, usually viewed as somewhat troublesome interference. Therefore most advice offered is likely to to be disregarded.

In fact, opposition seems to harden the resolve. Its a pity.  I would in this posting therefore call attention to the normality of this situation, but call for a rethinking of the riverfront site on Capitol. I'm hoping that this focus will have some effect on this overall thought process and mind-set..

I would want that we consider very carefully want might be happening if we continue to put our heads down and continue on, no matter what. Here is the place to demonstrate real political prowess and stature.

There have been a sufficient number of red flags that should alert the group and consider slowing this stream down somewhat, so that we might think about the long-term impact of what might be an expedient move for the moment for this river site.

I believe that the Village Board should stop and reconsider what is best for the community at various levels of desired accomplishment. Those on the Board who at this time have the slightest doubt, should be pointing out to the others what this site might become.

I'm sure that with appropriate time that we could produce an outstanding design for this location. Suggestions have been coming from other members of the community.  Public acquisition of the site is perhaps the best solution.

Cheap is cheap, so let's not take the first and cheapest thing that comes along for this outstanding river location. I know that we are all adequately equipped to do better, so let's do it, let's do better. 

 First, let's reverse a bit.  Then take a break and think this out very carefully.  Don't we want something there that we can be proud of? Can't we do better? 

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