Small community government

Local governments may be as unresponsive to citizen's sentiments as higher level governments.

Government in small towns usually grows out of the community that forms itself organically. However, government in an artificial settlement is artificially superimposed. Its main, if not its only purpose is to provided services, such as sewers and streets. Most suburbs are of this form.

Shorewood seems to show some of the organic characteristics of a small town for various reasons, one because it developed on principles established over a hundred years ago and because of the high density and the diversity of population that resulted.

Otherwise Shorewood too is generally a curb and gutter or streets and pot hole government concerned only with cost of operation and the bottom line.

From time to time some citizens see elements of community in Shorewood and hope to build on those aspects of community. Perhaps this is only an illusion. The notion of the “walkable community” may also be an illusion. Its basis in reality might be that we have sidewalks.

Our artificial government, because of its structure and its purpose, today seems to prove its lack of interest in community, by primarily concentrating on property taxes and in whatever manipulation might produce the greatest bang for the buck. This often appears to be regardless of which foreign enterpriser gains from this buck. Sometimes even not knowing the negative fall out that comes from the bang.

Government of the people, by the people and for the people, the dream of Lincoln might still remain an empty prayer. Government by authority, in the interest of artificially created values and for the lowest costs seem to be the objectives of our local governments today.

These type of governments exercise their power and authority only for that purpose and pretend to show some interest in art and nature by putting their extra pennies in the tray.

A good example of that approach to our village's problems is the stubborn attitude toward getting a project done on the river, a project called Sunrise.

This project is for the purpose of containing a large number of elderly in an undetermined type of speculative building, its objective to aid others in increasing land values, with the hope that there may be some effect on our property tax bill.  Our purchase of that property might put us in better control of our community interests.

Village Hall, however is determined that this project will happen and there is nothing that any citizen or group of citizens of this community can do to prevent it from happening. I'm concerned as to the effect this might have on our Village.

I'm also concerned about our national economy, yet it is only in the changing condition of our economy that the Sunrise project may be put on hold and that the negative impact on river might be delayed. I cannot choose which of these situations that I'd rather have.  I'd rather have neither. 

In any event, it is just going to happen anyway unless some dramatic situation develops. Perhaps reports on the research that some of our citizens are doing will create that dramatic situation.

So the stonewalling that we are experiencing on getting information from Village Hall is primarily because our sovereignty from within those castle walls cares more about property taxes than about community. Village Hall is not going to tell us anything more about what happens in the back rooms, in spite of our criticism of these dubious procedures

I would observe that Village Hall represents itself and does not represent the citizens that would like to see community develop here. I also believe that the collective silence that will come from within those walls is as usual and in the nature of Village Hall's consensus to maintain a sustained deafness.

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