Public spaces

Everything public and even semi-public should be viewed as Public Space;  therefore as art and architecture.

The street is quite different from the road or the highway. This urban space is is not primarily for vehicle movement, but should be viewed as a public space, especially in urbanized areas where people are present on a regular basis.

I referred to these density areas as “ping points” as I once pointed them out on various maps to a study group. They then continued to refer to them as “ping points.”

There are a variety of ping points in Shorewood, which should have special treatment as people spaces, the points where people gather, as they walk from place to place. Here is where the pedestrian should be king.

Here, the space itself becomes architecture and evolves as a gallery of public art, intensifying the sense of space and enclosure.

If we are looking for something special to attract people to our business district, these ping spaces will add tremendous attraction and value to the community and especially to its tax base. We should always think of public space as an art expression, as architecture.

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