Community spirit.

What we think of ourselves as individuals and in relation to those around us seems to be the basis of community.

I find that at the grocery store and in other social situations that I relate quite well with children of about two and younger and they with me, primarily, I'm told, because I must be of that age in spirit.

I also seem to relate to all the gray heads who also appear to be as psychologically naked.

Those of ages in between are either ego-building or ego-expressing which leaves them among the most vulnerable of our society as they are unknowing or unaccepting of their frailties.

Community spirit grows with our recognized vulnerability and that of others and the way we honestly cope with our common needs. As we grow economically successful, there's a tendency to forget or to become insensitive to our real nakedness. Yet our vulnerability is ever present.

Community spirit, it seems develops, out of the understanding of human vulnerability and the manner in which we express our needs collectively and within the group.

There are many in Shorewood unashamed of their vulnerabilities. These appear to be the people that tend to give structure to this community spirit and seem to express it best. They are the architects of community and the artists of its spirit. 

Those who work in our community government might want to observe and to understand community spirit, perhaps to capture it in their work for those whom they represent.

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