Weapons of war.

Now with many hands and many brains, we build space ships to take us into what once was only God's domain.

We can look down on earth, a place of many nations, of poverty and of richness.

With our hands and brains, we build space ships to observe what we do down here.

Perhaps more time should be spent to help the poor and the sick that we observe from up there, a doctrine that most religions teach? Or is our preference to think war, improved stones and clubs, new and more efficient instruments of war?

Is war a better use of our hands and of our brains? Is its jusification that it brings out the best in us as some would claim?  Perhaps better, the sticks and stones of different forms be used in the sports of peace. 

While some believe that heroes in death go to the great celebration in the sky,

the partially dead, who do not quite make it there, shall remain close to us

to hold and to love, until they too shall die.

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