Cause and effect mentality

As man developed a “cause-and-effect mentality,” he was able to project himself into the future, beyond day-to-day existence.

Human hands” and curiosity kept him busy with more than immediate survival. Hands taught him cause-and-effect, the mentality that led him to the development of the most primitive of tools.

First he selected stones of the size and shape that he could hold firmly and throw toward objects of prey. Then he was able to sort out broken branches that he could hold firmly in his human hand and utilize each as a club.

The very effort of seeking, selecting and collecting tools gave him a sense of future. Life was moving from the immediate to another day. Instilled in the processes that presented themselves was the development of the human element that we call human progress, which of course still includes war.   

One more thing was needed to direct him toward what we've become today and this was the word.

Hands and word gave us our earliest human characteristics. “Cause-and-effect thinking” also gave us mental acceptance of the concept of a beginning.  We also began to give thought to ultimate destination.

The marvel of life today is that some of us have come beyond self and survival. We no longer need stones and clubs, as we've developed a religiosity that takes us beyond self.  And we have gained a new mentality, carrying our concept of ultimate destination to a defining point, that of our future, the future and progress of our humanity.  And still, what to do about war?

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