Citizen participation

Citizens seldom hear much from our ruling sovereigns in Village Hall, from within the quiet Castle walls.

Perhaps, the crowned heads prefer silence and inattention to the clattering of the focused media. I've often been the only citizen remaining in the audience to the last of the agenda items at Village Board meetings.

Now, I've given up the dubious excitement of regular attendance. Most of what happens there seems only like the dotting of “( i )s” and the crossing of the “( t )s.” What has not been previously decided will go through the process of consensus. No time for citizens' opinions.

As we have no clattery reporters or investigative-type media, reporters who might stay awake at these meetings, even if they were assigned the task of attendance, but we see no such assignments, why should we expect even the most interested citizens to be there? So, little or no information passes on.

Citizens must pay homage to the the sovereign members present before speaking, when allowed to do so. A citizen might sometimes be allowed to speak, only after the formality of a motion being made. The consensus already developed is designed to carry the motion.

This formality is not to be disturbed and the ordination maintained. So then what's the point of bowing at the alter for a word? 'Best to remain silent than face the silent guillotine.

So the machine grinds on in silence. This year we are not even offered the privilege of casting a ballot, not even a write-in vote, another yet serious form of silence.

But why should we remain silent when out of that silence we are informed of the millions to be spent in our names? We should become noisy, empty ballots in hand, waving banners and marching on this silent “Bastille.”

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