Who's in charge here?

Government overseer

I'm still waiting for Village Hall, especially those who collectively rule in this castle, to announce that they have dropped further consideration of the Sunset proposal.

I'm hoping that instead, that they announce that they are willing to consider a new design for this river setting prepared with citizen participation right from the start.

Of course, this is a dream. I thought that I was awake. The less I hear about a project, the more I suspect that much back room activity is taking place to force the project through.

I forgot that the Castle operates much like a machine that once started, cannot be made to stop, let alone reverse itself.  No way can citizens change anything at this point. 

An update on all the other projects might also be useful. What is the effect of our national economic condition going to have on proposed developments?

What is the effect of Shorewood's announced proposal to spend millions going to have on the desire to develop here or even continue to live in this community?

Again, it seems like a machine out of control. Who's in charge here?

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