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I very much regret that Village Hall does not receive the kind of investigative reporting that citizens of communities deserve.

Without these type of serious observations citizens cannot keep up with what is taking place on the surface, let alone below the surface.

And I don't know what to do about it. I can only suggest that Village Hall has some responsibility in keeping the public informed.

Perhaps more complete minutes, explanatory-type records could be made and regularly distributed to the public. This might eliminate any slanting or bias-type reports.

The fact that this type of accountability is not available, it further discourages  transparent government, clouding views of what is actually going on.

One of the first obligations of representative government is to the people, that they are kept well informed and that government should see to it, that first of all, everything is transparent and secondly that it all is honestly reported.

Obviously the media sees no reward in maintaining this complete type of reporting so that neither the Journal-Sentinel nor some local newspaper is able to make the daily observations and required reporting. 

I recall when extraordinary news required extra editions and newspapers were sold on the streets, the newspaper boys calling "extra, extra, read all about it."

There's not much extrraordinary news in Shorewood, but I believe that serious thought must be given to this idea of openness, among other required innovations, in order to  improve our government's accountability to its citizens.

If we cannot do this, we can only expect less information from local government and even more inclination toward secrecy.

Again, it seems that the suggestion for old fashion town meetings, at least once a month, might be a good way for doing more than mere reporting, especially without the old fashion newspaper reporting. 

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