Thoughts written down.

Thinking and the written word.

An uncharacteristic January has now unfolded itself into a lion-like February entrance.

March, as a time of the year, sounds more cheery on this dawning blustery day, the official month of Spring's coming. My mind would have rather created Spring as the year's rebirth. A more gentle beginning especially for those of us determined to live rather deeply into the northern hemisphere.

If one could command such revisions, as the emperors could, then one of the months might attain its emperor's name, indicating the beginning of the coming warmth.

The mention of emperors might remind us that February is likely to determine who might become our sovereign, this time perhaps an empress.

Thinking of time of year, empires, weather and wars that make up our world on a daily basis and of sovereigns, we might move to thoughts of our fragile existence on this place we call earth.

If our minds could cope with the thought that we, human-kind, or as the bible refers to us as man, could we as God's experiment, have been actually located in a more peaceful garden,whereit might be spring or even summer year round.

But that human dream was temporary, that garden is now converted into the uncertainty of the earth and the playground of those who rule over us. What sin, called for such drastic punishment?

Tracing my roots to an area of the Mediterranean, an Eden-like place, then to a seed planted in a more unpredictable climate, one wonders about all sorts of things.

As we cower from the winter in the warmth of inside, we wonder as to where we could be or what we might even become, about calenders and dreams and especially of Spring, Spring and thoughts of our very human natures.

So February begins with these thoughts. Who would have known? Would I remember if I had not had the time to write on this winter morning rather than being in the comfort of that garden? Who will know who has written?

Writing converts us into God-like creatures as we write what the mind creates, of beginnings and gardens.  And who might care and how do we judge the value of these thoughts written down? What power, given the mind, the imagination and the thoughts written down.

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