Back-room government.

Back-room government.

In spite of publicly pronounced concerns about behind-the-scenes policy-making and behind-closed-door administrative actions, these backstairs activities still seem to be going on.

The form of government that results from the processes of unpublicized and closed-door meetings is not acceptable to Shorewood citizens. We are likely to experience a significant reaction.

It seems that some of our government people have not been paying attention to the general dislike for “back-room” activities, a disingenuous process that is not helpful to the citizens nor to the process of representative government.

Being important seems to mean being helpful to others, and in raising the importance of others it raises the importance of one's self. It seems then, that the duty of government representatives and government servants is to raise the importance of our citizens rather than working toward diminishing their own.

So far, it has been difficult to see how the importance of citizens is being upheld, let alone raised. Is there a loss of Shorewood spirit here?

We might ask our government, for example, why it hasn't made public all of its information and all of the thinking that has gone into the plans for our riverside development on Capitol in spite of the general interest? This is quite important stuff.

We should see a complete public report coming out of Village Hall on this matter and the informal request for the report itself should be discussed in public first of all. It seems that there is a developing cry, “enough back-room government already.

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