Unrepresenative government.

Last night when I read Steve Koczela's posting on “Johnson speaks out on Sunrise,” I felt that I had been blown out into outer space and sucked up through a black hole.

This morning, I'm returned to the flat earth. It seems to be the only reality left. Now I know why I feel dizzy when I attend Board meetings.

I think that for this morning I can only cope with two sentences. “The CDA is recommending it and the Board is moving in that direction right now. Everything we have been doing so far is for the transaction.”

I don't know how many people in Shorewood have been aware of these maneuverings. Who is looking out after our community? Where is the “community” in the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY?

The consensus, like a disease is obviously developing in the unrepresentative Village Board.  Who represents the citizens?

How many citizens knew not very long ago that the Board is moving in that direction?  How were we to detect that motion and how were we to know that everything we have been doing so far is for the transaction?”

I don't think that many citizens pay attention to what the CDA is doing nor as to what the Board is not doing. But those few who pay some attention should let everyone know that we are against the disease of “consensus,” this common movement in a diricetion. This strain is going to hang on for years.

There is no leadership in Shorewood and especially in the direction of developing community, only in developing the bottom line, the tax base. Fantastic! This is what the public relations people for Shorewood are calling “SHOREWOOD'S NEW ERA.”

I think we should start a new movement, a consensus to THROW THE RASCALS OUT.” Another community did that recently.  It seems to be the only cure for this disease.  And a lot of good this posting is going to do for the disease if the people don't speak out.

Meanwhile, I believe that Shorewood should establish a method for distributing independent news to residents  on a weekly basis.

This would let citizens know what is going on in every committee and at all meetings where Board members are involved.

It seems that some of the money that CDA is spending could go for this non-bias approach to informing its citizens.

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