Planning and development

The citizens of Shorewood are the recipients of the royal proclamation that “your environment IS IN for a change for the BETTER.”

A master plan is doing this for us? The plan has “CHARTED A COURSE ( like a water stream) to make life in one of the best suburbs in the state even BETTER?   Is the plan doing this for us or has someone initiated a plan and already taken action for us? (How sweet!).

How can a plan make life “even better” for us? Is it going to change the climate, “your environment” or something of that great significance? (Oh! my God, a plan can do that)?

Did we ask for this change in climate? Did we initiate the super plan? How many of the 10,000 adults voted for this, (less than 1%)? Or are we simply using the term “master plan” for someone, or less than 1% of someones, to superimpose their mastery over the rest of us?

Are we now being told what is GOOD for us? Your lives SHALL NOW be improved. YOU SHALL “BE part of the exciting changes the master plan has in store.” (Which store?)   Are we now going to discover it and become a part of it and get absorbed into the tactical maneuverings of the master plan?

Obviously this has been a well-held secret, kept from the the citizens to whom it will now be revealed as a GREAT surprise.

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