Governmental Democracy

As virtual candidate for the office of Trustee, I want to run for many reasons, but the main reason is to bring back democracy to Shorewood.

Very few citizens know what the issues are, therefore they're unable to exsert their opinions on issues nor do they have a means for bringing up issues for consideration. Unfortunately then, Trustees cannot possibly represent the will of our community.

The best, easiest and fastest why for doing this is by extending the government process to the people.

This can be done in the short run by frequent town meetings, not by surveys that take months and may turn stale in process. I wouldn't expect any results until after the summer, the heat adding to the staleness of the product.

Therefore, I advocate that we have a town meeting now, before the month is out and to have one every month during the year to see how they work out.  This is one among a number of the the significant statements, that as virtual candidate, that I shall be making from time to time. I believe that this one is basic to preserving our democratic system.

I hope we get some immediate response from at least more than one Trustee.   But how can we get response in a virtual or non-real democracy.?  This whole issue is basic to my virtual candidacy.  (By the way, are we still going to have forums in which to engage the non-opposed candidates?)

Joe Adams,

Virtual Candidate.

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