OLD MAN RIVER. Old folks at home. On the river.

I'm pleased to have some creditable people against this one project, so that I'm not “the lonely one.”

Its been a few months, August 7th to be exact after Steve Koszela alerted us to the for sale sign for 5 acres on the river, when I strongly urged the village to acquire these 5-acres, crazy idea.

I'm glad that Ann Brummitt, coordinator of the Milwaukee River Work Group spoke against this project as did other citizens interested in our river setting. Others also concerned about our enviornment were against this project.

Steve Koszela also alerted us to this New York company's rather odd organizational circumstances. The cookie cutter nature of the building and the lack of sensitivity to the river itself doesn't make architectural sense. From a planning and urban design “point of view” it doesn't make any sense either.

I suggest we acquire all of the property that was indicated, lease back the restaurant or retain a restaurant manager in order to keep the restaurant in operation while taking our time in planning exactly what this site is to contain in relation to the river setting and what it is to be for the next hundred years.  I think it will include a restuarant.   

We should do the same thing with the apartments on the site and lets see what is in the best interest of the community for the next 100 years. 

As many citizens as possible should get behind the idea of acquistion.  There are many ways that we can do this.  And we should let the Village Board know, that there are many better ways of handling this site. I'm sure the Board already recognizes this.  We've acquired land before, especilly on Oakland. 


 "Steve: Congratulations on the observation. Thanks for the heads up. “5 acres of river front for sale.” Only in America, would we have river front for sale. This is commercial property and being offered for sale. An appropriate parcel for public acquisition or compulsory purchase. Good timing. The Village of Shorewood should purchase this primarily as park land property, permitting some part of to be utilized as commercial and for condos. But designed and controlled by the Village in its total development. Here is a place for open space if appropriately handled. We cannot permit this to be a private development. We need open space and an organized basis for developing along the river front."
- Joe Mangiamelli,
From the Village Square, 7/28/07

Also in August -- my posting:

It was only a few days ago that I mentioned how important open space is to Shorewood.

Open space maintainance, acquisition and development should be among our top priorities. And it was only recently that one of our Trustees, (Michael Maher) voted against providing athletic facility funding because he believes that Shorewood had other higher priorities, such as parks and open space.

I think that now is the time for those trustees who believe that open space is important, to take action before the river side space forever slips out our hands. Now is the time to remove ourselves from the dead hand of bureaucratic thinking and make sure that we are not blindsided and take the easy road of inaction. We should instead show vision and imagination.

Let's acquire those “5-Acres”.


 Also see:  my postiong Dec.23, 07:  "What Shorewood could become." 

Obviously my postings weren't read by Board members, or they really don't give a damn about parks and open space.  They've got some pieces of paper that say park plan.  I suppose that would be their answer.  Now we're told the market did its own thing.  Of course, the market always does its own thing.  How about the community doing its own thing in its own interests?

If the market would do its own thing without some community restrictions, we'd have 30 story buildings up and down the river.  I'm for the market as long as it doesn't interfere with my community.   



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