The elderly care proposal on Capitol Drive and the river is not for Shorewood. Someone on the Village Board or on the staff or any citizen who is for this, please come front and publicly explain your reasoning.

How many young families with children will it bring into the community? Is it “just two feet from everything” as our promotional literature indicates? “On the edge of . . . (the river) . . . at heart of everything?”

Do we have plans for replacing the affordable housing that we are going to remove? Have we begun to think about greening our community? If not, why not? And why not start now. What about its sensitivity to the river?

Let's put the brakes on this one now. Although the site itself is part of our long range plan, this project is not. We have to come up with an appropriate and imaginative  project. The market, in this case is not a helping partner for the community.  If this proceeds, meeting halls in the future will not be able to accommodate the attendance.

How will candidates, including those for State office handle these questions? Let's stop and think. What's best for this site?

I think that we will have to become a real partner in the development of this site with some new ground rules. There's some wrong headness here.

We need to focus on this one and engage in discussion as to serious alternatives.

*  After note:  See Steve Koczela's report on SUNRISE SENIOR LIVING.  ('Not good news).

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