Junk architecture on the river.

Develoment proposal

It soon became obvious that most of those attending the Shorewood Village meeting last night were representative groups opposed to a proposal for a home for the elderly at the present Riverbrook Restaurant site on Capitol.

Some indicated that this is not the proper use for this site. Others thought that the building concept, a hotel /hospital-like setting was not an appropriate structure on the rivers' edge at the gateway to Shorewood.

A river walkway, seemed  the only justification for locating the building here, (although it was only because Shorewood failed to acquire this site) but the walkway was considered to be a security problem. The building didn't present a view of the river but the view from the river unfortunately didn't obscure the building.

This project could be located almost anywhere in the world and would not relate to its site. Needless to say it was not one that Calatrava would have designed.  We could use a guy like Santago for this site.

Those interested in the proposal's environmental degrading effect, believe that it should be a “green” project and indicated that Shorewood should take a strong interest in the environment and the greening of this potential development site.

I personally don't feel that this is the best location for elderly accommodations, at the edge of the community. A more central location near the grocery stores, coffee places, book store and drug store would be preferred by seniors.

Those presenting the project emphasized that the accommodations were mostly for people who were unable to drive, yet where would they walk to?

This is a project in the wrong place, by the wrong people for the wrong purpose. I believe we should not entertain any further consideration of this proposal. This site is too important to us to give over to junk and speculation. We need to be very careful with it.  We need the appropriate partner to help preserve its character. 

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