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I don't know who reads my postings, except for the indication that I get from fellow bloggers. Therefore, in a sense, these are merely notes to myself that eventually may get read by others.

I used to let my views be known to the Village Board at almost every meeting. When I first started to do that, there was a ruling that the members could not respond. So I felt like a voice in the wilderness.

Bloggers are able to ascertain the number of readers for each of their postings. This is satisfying, so that I know that I'm being heard somewhat over the sound of the wind.

I know that at least some citizens are hearing me even if Board members are not. I was often, if not the only citizen who spoke, the only citizen who stayed for the whole meeting.

At the time, I did not always know what was going on, because the members had documents that I did not and I had not been in on the discussions that had taken place before hand. I was to surmise what the subject was about many times and was concerned as to lack of transparency and information provided.

I was an interested citizen who could not have all the information and whose remarks were ignored because none of the members wanted to engage in discussion. My postings generate very little discussion, if any with the Board members. But I can't assume that the Board members would be of a mind to ignore my interest in our community.

Perhaps what I'm saying is like sound from another planet. Not as important as I think it is. But I think it's important .  And our communication systems today makes it  possible for me to maintain my persistence.

I haven't  much to gain from making my thoughts public, but I think they may influence the public, and some individual may react.

Then that voice is not lost and has been heard over the sound of the wind, even though it may be from another planet.

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