Politics and power

Human beings are pretty much motivated by their desire to attain power.  Power comes perhaps in as many forms as those wanting to attain it.

Today the general source of power is money. And in a general sense, most people desire money and are inclined to acquire money in millions of ways. The power of wealth is a desire found in many, if not in most people.

Another significant form of power, is that power which one gains over another person or over a number of people. Many times there are many combined forms of power desires.

Political power, as a power over many people is a very prominent desire and an important power attained by the position one may acquire through authority attained by election and other manipulations. This is a power of dominance, the overall power acquired through that authority over people.

Power may come by holding professional position, doctor, lawyer, teacher or other profession. It may come as a form of public recognition of any type.

Power then is an individual desire and when attained is usually socially expressed and recognized. The power that has the widest social implication of course is political power. It even rivals the power of wealth for it can often assist in acquiring wealth as well.

One of the reasons why people run for election even for insignificant offices is that those offices may bring a certain sense of power and may lead to more important offices with even more power often combined with various levels of wealth.

I believe that the sense of power that can be acquired even momentarily and derived by the most insignificant of political positions is one of the reasons that people run for local political positions, which they may only hold for a short time. Yet they may build on that or live on the knowledge, that they had at one time gained some power, power over others.

The desire for power is a basic first principle that must be learned by those will study politics and all of its features. This desire, no matter at what level is one of the greatest human motivators.

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