Government meetings

I've always been thankful to Steve Koczela for his postings. How else could we keep abreast of the village news, especially as to what goes on in relation to what the Shorewood Village Board is doing and what it's up to.

The Board and its various committees seems to have an affinity for “closed-door meetings.”   Most often people who are not citizens of the community are permitted to attend these behind-the-scene meetings while citizens most continuously interested in our community and what the government is doing, like Steve Koczela are not allowed a peak in.

I've for a number of years tried to get the Board to discuss certain questions and until recently the Board believed that it could not enter into discussion with a citizen at Board meetings. They of course, want to avoid anything that might appear to be even remotely related to a debate They want to keep only to the approved agenda.

During the next election process, I would like our candidates to discuss their positions on this distancing of the Board members from citizens of the community. I would like to hear how they intend to improve transparency and avoid behind-the-scene actions.

I know that things come before the Board eventually, but usually after everything is fully resolved or after the deal is closed and long after I were to know that there was a deal in the making and with whom.

I'm always looking toward improving democratic relationships of government with its citizens. 'Seems that that could especially be made to work best at the local level.

How about the members of the Board and candidates for membership, what is your response? Let's have it fairly soon, before it gets discussed behind-the-scenes. Is that too much for a citizen to ask? Or should I take my answer behind a closed-door?

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