Housing policies

Perhaps there are some knowledgeable young families that don't know about the excellent school system that we have here in Shorewood.

But for the present time, the entrance fee is housing affordability. The present system of financing our schools isn't working too well. And that's what needs to be changed. I don't know of any clever way of making housing in Shorewood affordable to young families who might assist in building up our school enrollment.

But we do have some problematic housing stock that would be attractive to people of all ages. But it is unlikely to become affordable housing for young families with children under any present program.

We might be able to establish a redevelopment program that would attract UWM students and could also accommodate elderly couples and elderly singles if done correctly.

There are several blocks where there is housing that would accommodate people of mixed age groups. This redevelopment would have to be based on a social program aimed at neighborhood interaction of young and elderly. We should therefore study these possibilities, and UWM should be able to help.

Shorewood should seek out people at UWM particularly in the School of Architecture and in other departments, such as Sociology who could assist in designing these neighborhoods with these objectives in mind. Even the real estate faculty could help in making this a practical business project.

Let's investigate the possibilities, perhaps start with the Chancellor. The first thing to do is to develop a solid basis behind these thoughts and then work out a plan. Then we can look into the financing of the whole project.

On increasing our school enrollments, maybe we can work out another system for financing our school system, rather than per student state contribution supplemented by the property tax.

The Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools is supporting a resolution mandating reform of school funding; Senator Darling and Representative Wasserman, please note.

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