Luckily on this planet.

I live in a community were I have access to and can readily fulfill most of my needs and demands. I'm at a stage in life where I'm sufficiently free and can still depend on myself and my own resources to fulfill who I am.

I can even change what is immediately around me and have influence on the boarder social and physical environment, where I can do this in the interest of those still here and others to come.

I'm flattered by people who still find some pleasure in my occasional presence. And I find great pleasure in theirs.  I'm not always easily recieved and am happy merely to be visible. 

I'm content in this personal condition. I'm not happy for those who are in situations where their lives are on line on a daily basis. I can only join in making sounds and words indicating that these young people need to be moved to safer grounds.

I can call attention to the eventual danger of policies in the East as well to war-like attitudes resulting from our differing concepts of God.

I can on a daily basis suggest what environmental changes we should make in our metropolitan community as well as within our nation. I can both enjoy my immediate community and sense what doesn't make sense and point to changes that might improve our cultural environment.

I am for the present a fortunate being, who was located on this planet among the kind people that formed my early family and that helped give me the opportunity to form who I am and gave me the understanding of what I am.

Yet I've not always found the appropriate courtesy, the practical sensitivity to those I've not known intimately.  And even then, we all seem to have unknown sensitivities.    

But at a young age, I learned that I was no better than other people and believe that all of us fall within that category of human beings, no one better than another and with only superficial social differences that come usually only with position or possessions.

I'm glad that I have access to a technology that makes it possible for me to express who I am and to listen to others explain as to whom they are. All of us are what our minds make us to be.  And ego, what ever that is, is often explained as the driving force within us.

And I try to encourage some others of this community, over a cup of something, to get to know each other's minds and never stop their development. I find a great deal of pleasure in understanding differing characteristics at whatever stage of life.

The greatest pleasure comes from knowing that most of us and other minds are so much alike at one stage or another and together all of us form a collective and seemingly, an undying social mentality, encompassing us all as one society.


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