What? Sitting down with citizens?

Government meetings

It is possible today for those really interested in local government, with the various means of communication, to become somewhat closer associated with what is going on in their local governments.

However, the face to face discussions that were once experienced in the town meetings of the past still seem relevant today, even more so that in the past.

I've suggested earlier that Shorewood begin to experiment with some form of round-table town meeting on a monthly basis with Trustees being present along with citizens who are interested in our day to day government.

These town meetings could fall toward the middle of the month between the two formal Village Board meetings or later in the month.

I believe that both government officials and citizens would gain from a community development standpoint.

Inputs made by citizens may even eliminate the need for some surveys and would be as important as other information that is passed on in other ways.

It has become obvious that official meetings in Shorewood receive sparse attendance or are not attended at all by citizens and receive little news coverage and therefore citizens are becoming even less informed than in the past.

I'd like to see us hold these town meetings, especially as we come closer to election time, where we can more easily exchange information with people planning to run for office. Why not?

How about it Village Board? Why not plan for one of these meetings for mid-December, or mid-January at the latest? Let's see how it works.

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