Will Village Trustees respond to citizens questions?

Government policy

The citizens of Shorewood should be pleased that there are a few residents willing to give their views as “bloggers” about what's going on in our community and at Village Hall. Obviously, members of the Village Board are not all that thrilled.

It seems to me however, that if candidates run for office to represent the people that they should be prepared to have open and public discussions with the people in any forum.

I have not asked any individual board members to answer any question nor have I pointed any remarks toward individuals. However as I've got no response to many questions it has become my inclination to start  calling on all trustees individually  at random.

My pencil came down on Trustee Michael Maher's name. I've been a supporter of his election to the Board and continue to be. I know that he is interested in saving environmental settings, therefore, I asked the question as to whether he's in favor of acquiring land along the river. 

 However, I've since decided not to pursue asking questions of individual members of the Board. I will ask Trustee Maher to disregard or delay answeing my question perhaps to a more appropirate time, perhaps to when we get to the forums later on in the election season. 

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