Questions for Village Hall.

Housing policies

If as David Tartarowicz has indicated that a $79.000 income is about the minimum required today to buy a home in Shorewood, why would any one with that income want to buy one of the would-be-upgraded duplexes?

If we upgrade those duplexes that require upgrading, can we expect young families with children, never mind their incomes, to buy them?

How can we expect to attain the diversity that Suzanne Rosenblatt is suggesting?

So any act suggested by the Village of Shorewood to upgrade declining housing stock doesn't mean that we are going to attract young people with children and people of diversity.

These questions then still remain; how are we going to upgrade housing stock that needs upgrading, how are we going to attract young people with children and how are we going to attain a reasonable diversity?

Aren't these questions that our politicians should be addressing in order to relate the results of their analysis to Shorewood's citizens?

I don't believe that we'll hear from any of them on any of these questions

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