City-creating architecture.

City architecture

City-creating architecture” includes streets, public places and bridges as well as appropriately designed buildings. Natural settings often play a role in developing these city-creating elements..

Most important are the buildings that form the enclosed public spaces, the social and central gathering areas of the community. Appropriately designed sidewalks as people passageways, leading from one social space to another are socially essential elements of the community.

The heights of building, their articulations and space dimensions must be guided by these objectives. These are known standards that are there to guide us as we recreate our community.

These redevelopment processes must keep in mind that we are continuously recreating the city and in the case of the Shorewood, we are forming needed social spaces not previously known to us.

We should be moving toward shaping the total architecture of the community, not merely adding revenue-producing boxes of unimaginative architecture and imitated facades of past generations.

These goals are not only for Shorewood but of our neighbor Whitefish Bay to the north of us where a number of citizens indicated that this type of vision does not exist.

The Popes of Rome did not design the cathedrals, the architectural artists who were chosen by them did.

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