Town meetings for Shorewood?

Community and Government


The primary element of what is Shorewood, is that from a physical standpoint, it is first of all, a cluster of people who as a social element have become a community.

It is the glue of location and cluster that then makes us a community. Secondarily then, as human beings we become a social entity, forming a social community.

To function as an integrated and cohesive community, we have to establish leadership. In today's language, we elect people to help translate that need through a form of local democratic government.

As we can not all regularly participate in the function of government, we elect representatives who are expected to represent the view of the community.

The main problem with this is that, it is difficult to translate what representation means. This becomes more difficult as the desire for authority turns the concept of representation into what the elected individual feels the needs of the community are. Authority then evolves into a social addiction.

It then becomes the duty of those few who observe the distortion of “representation” to intervene and point out the real requirements of their community and also to point out the addiction in order to get back on track.

It would be better to have the type of citizen town meeting structure similar that of the past where representation was not to be interpreted by those whom we elect but expressed by the people themselves.

I would therefore, propose that between the first and second Shorewood Village Board meetings each month, that a town meeting be held, that would include village citizens as well as elected officials, to discuss and to give direction to those who would be our representatives.

If our representatives really represent us, then they would accept this proposal and initiate it and integrate it into an unique democratic process. The present system, attracts few if any citizens to regular meetings.

I believe that each board member owes us, the citizens of Shorewood a response to this proposal, a proposal that would improve the status and function of our local government. Would town meetings be that bad?

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