Those who silently serve.


There are many committees functioning as citizen committees that do a great deal of the governmental work necessary in keeping Shorewood's government operating.

Many residents never go before these committees and most are unaware of their existence. Because of my interest in the function of local government, I have from time to time attended some of the meetings of these committees. They do great work.

It occurred to me recently that as only a few of us are aware of the time that is devoted to this work that someone should acknowledge this service.

I know that I am thankful for the work they do and if all the citizens of Shorewood were aware of the number of people and number of hours involved that they would be as appreciative of their efforts as I am.

It seemed to me as I've presently been thinking about this aspect of our government that I should let all the members of these committees know how grateful all of us should be for this precious time.

Thanks neighbors. Keep up the good work in the service of our community. We are grateful.

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