Elected officials, how about some response!



Sometime ago, I pointed out the need for Shorewood Village Board to establish priorities in relation to projects and money for future expenditures. So far, no response.

There seems to be no response to many of things citizens think to be important.. Is this a sign that elected officials are separating themselves from those they represent. If individual trustees think that they represent citizens and not themselves, you might prove it by responding to these questions: (within a range of 1 to 10, 1 being highest priority, assign a number):

1). What priority rating would you give acquisition of land for open space?

2). What priority would you give to facility development for seniors and intergenerational focused activities?

3). What priority would you give to public area development on Oakland Avenue?

If there's no response of any type, then we should assume that citizens are no longer represented in the Village of Shorewood.

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