Are torture and war necessary evils, and government itself, is it a necessary evil?

As government is made up of human beings, are those drawn to and engaged in government evil human beings. Obviously not. Most want to do what is best for those they serve.

Thomas Paine in his “Common Sense” said that “society in any condition is a blessing, but government . . . in any state is a necessary evil.

We refer to that ultimate element of authority over the rest of us as government, whether it is the most evil dictatorship or the most compassionate democracy. And although in 2007, good and evil often seem interchangeable, we rely on our democracies to make the appropriate corrections.

The best of democracy is practiced at the local level, where most elected officials seek to represent the citizens.

This can best be accomplished through open exposure to almost every act, drawing in citizens into meaningful participation, regardless of their views and opinions and by keeping government open and transparent.

Here in my community, in our community in Shorewood, our representatives should do their utmost to make government significantly meaningful to all of us, a real practice of democracy

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